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A Message from Professor John Mew

It occurred to me that several of you might like to see this video Link for Orthodontics must change.

about the science behind orthodontics. Best wishes John Mew.

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Stop Press – Postural Orthodontics

 Postural Orthodontics – Dr Simon Wong. A 50% discount is on offer to any interested practitioner during this promotion.. Please contact me for further details.

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Dr Derek Mahony’s free lectures.

 Dr Derek Mahony’s website: includes a section of free CPDs. These lectures comprise dozens of experts, across the whole oral health industry.

Dr Mahony’s latest lecture will become available from 12th August.

Message from Derek:

If you work with a speech pathologist, or a myofunctional therapist, please let them know about this free CPD event. I was asked to lecture to a group of speechies and due to Covid this live lecture has now changed to Zoom, therefore, I can share with a wider audience.

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The ALF Approach: Changing the Face of Orthodontics by Tasha Turzo-Moore DO

This book should be essential reading for all forward thinking osteopaths, myotherapists and dentists.

Dr Tasha Turzo- Moore is an internationally recognized expert in the application of osteopathy and functional dentistry, with a focus on use of Advanced Lightwire Functional appliance. She has been in private practice in Santa Cruz since 1995 practicing osteopathy, homeopathy, functional medicine, prolotherapy/PRP and specializing in craniofacial dysfunctions. Dr. Turzo has been teaching extensively in the field of craniofacial dysfunctions since 1997. 

The author brings together the various medical and dental subjects which need to be considered when approaching treatment from a truly holistic standpoint.

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