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Early Correction – the Balancing Act

This Myobrace video explains the advantages of early correction of skeletal and myofunctional factors which will determine the alignment of the adult teeth.

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British Society for Ecological Medicine conference 25 November 2016

Putting Oral Health at the Heart of  Medicine, 25 November, 2016.   Royal College of Physicians, 11 St Andrew’s Place, London NW1 4LE

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Petition for Temporo-mandibular Disorders: awareness & treatment – just copy & paste. It will only take 30 seconds.

This is the link for the petition to create awareness and develop treatment for Temporomandibular Joint disorders.

10,000 signatures are needed to take this to parliament so please sign it and circulate it.

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Movement Disorders, Dystonia and Tourettes

I was recently contacted by a lady who had suffered from Dystonia for several years which had severely limited her everyday life. Fortunately she has now made a complete recovery. Her treatment was carried out by Dr André Hedger ( and involved the recognition of Temporo-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction and the misalignment of associated cranial bones. An integrated team approach is required to diagnose and treat these complex cases. Members of the British Society for the Study of Cranio-Mandibular Disorders acknowledge this and a list of other practitioners can be found on the website:

See the Dystonia,TMJ and the connection on Facebook.

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