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Exciting news! 27 October – London School of Orthotropics, Purley.

 Damien O’Brien of Myoresearch gave a presentation on a range of removable appliances known as Myobraces.

Do visit their websites; and  to see how this revolutionary approach to malocclusion is likely to be the way we treat young children in the future. This system has already found favour in over 70 countries. Only two factors have delayed its introduction in the USA and the UK – the mindset of traditional orthodontic thinking and patients’ expectation of having train tracks as a teenage rite of passage.

This system addresses adverse muscle function and reduced airways at an early stage in a child’s development therefore preventing or minimising most types of malocclusion. Final dental detailing, if required, will necessitate only a short period of fixed appliances.

I have used a number of these appliances in my practice in the past and found them effective in selected cases. The company has now added more advanced designs which can address most of the functional problems.

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