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Spring Scientific visit to Vietnam

30 March – 10 April  Spring Scientific visit to Vietnam organised by the British Society for General Dental Practice and the Anglo-Asian Odontological Group.

The conference was held on 5 April in Hoi An. The title of the presentation was “The Osteopathy / TMJ Connection”.  After a short introduction Dr Brendan Stack’s 10 minute video on movement disorders was shown. It was first shown at the American Academy of  Craniofacial Pain Symposium in Baltimore in july 2011. This video shows patients with Tourettes, Cervical Dystonia and other movemnet disorders treated with an intra-oral orthotic.

 Dr Stephen Glass, a paediatric neurologist, states that this work demonstrates that there is a need for re-examination of how we treat these patients and to research why an orthotic can bring about such dramatic results.

My presentation went on to explain why early recognition and correction of craniofacial imbalance ie: retrognathic mandibles, narrow maxillas and TMJ dysfunction,  is so important. As dentists, we can impact on our patients’ general health. We should recognise the signs and be able to offer appropriate treatment options.  I believe that this is part of  our duty of care.

 6 March    –  A presentation about the Functional Orthodontic Support Group, the Cranio Group and the British Society for the Study of Cranio-Mandibular Disorders at Dr Derek Mahony’s Mini Residency,   BDA, 64 Wimpole Street, London. There are 30 participant on this course.

The FOSG gives advice and support, encourages co-operation between mainstream and non-mainstream orthodontists. All participants were encouraged to join the Practitioner Group of the British Orthodontic Society.

As a panelist for the Dental Complaints Service I received training in Resolution and this strategy has proved highly successful and is endorsed by Dental Protection.

Consent forms and the winter issue of the Cranio journal were made available to them. Anyone wishing to receive these can contact me through this website.

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The Osteopathic Centre for Children, South London

4 March 2012 ” The Osteopathy/Orthodontic Connection”. This presentation was given to the first year students. This was a 3 hour session consisting of a DVD on Movement Disorders, an outline of Orthodontic problems, classification, terminology and case histories. Midway through there was a practical session to demonstrate how cranial asymmetry related to the pattern of  malocclusion.

Many questions were posed by the students and many points relating to the link between structure and malocclusion were discussed.

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