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26 October – BSSCMD Study Day, London

This study day, organised by Dr Richard Dean for the British Society for the Study of Cranio-Mandibular Disorders, was held at the Holiday Inn, Berwick Street and was a sell out. 50 delegates attended and included dentists, orthodontists, osteopaths, chiropractors , physiotherapists and laboratory technicians.

In Richard’s words: “It is becoming increasingly apparent that complex musculo/skeletal problems involving the head, neck, shoulders and low back can have a direct relationship with jaw position.  The association of forward head posture with a receding jaw is well established.  By changing the jaw position, the head, neck and body posture can be changed and vice versa. This is more common knowledge and experience with physical therapists than it is with dental surgeons

My talk was entitled “The Effects of Jaw Problems on the Rest of the Body” and this gave me the opportunity to discuss cosmetic and functional factors. The latter included:  

Airways – Nasal & Pharyngeal
Lack of Tongue Space – Snoring & Sleep Apnoea
Forward Head Posture – Back Muscle Strain
TMD – Clicking, Crepitus, Locking, Limited opening, OME, Bruxism, Headaches and many more
The presentation ended with a 10 minute video about Dr Brendan Stack’s work on movement disorders which included the treatment of Tourettes & Torticollis using an intra-oral splint. Dr Stack has an on-going pilot study with the American Tourettes Assoaciation.
Other presentations included:
Dr Richard Dean – “An Overview of Diagnosis of TMJ Problems”
Dr Patrick Griossmann -” Splints for Treating Internal Derangements”
Dr Kevin Lotzof, Cons. radiologist – ” MRI  – Indications & Diagnosis”
Mr Robert Hensher, Cons. Max-Fax  -” Indications for TMJ Surgery”
Dr Jonathan Howat, Chiropractor -” “The Jaw/Body Relationships” and this was followed by a practical demonstration of Kinesiology.
The purpose of this meeting was raise awareness of the various fields and to demonstrate the benefit of an integrated approach to treatment.

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British Society for General Dental Surgery Conference

5-7 October, Torquay

42 dental practitioners attended the Study Day on Saturday  6 October.

Dr Kevin Lewis, Dental Protection, spoke on Law & Ethics, Professionalism & Integrity.

Professor St John Crean, Dean of UCLAN Medical & Dental School, spoke on Medical Considerations in Dentistry.

Dr Helen Jones gave a short presentation on “Function” and how dental treatment can have far-reaching effects on the body eg: airways and movement disorders such as Tourettes, Torticollis and Parkinson’s disease.

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