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Premaxillary-Maxillary Suture

This research paper was carried out by the University of São Paulo in 2016.


Premaxilla: Up to which age it remains separated from the maxilla by a suture, how often it occurs in children and adults, and possible clinical and therapeutic implications. Study of 1,138 human skulls.

To quote –


This study suggests that:

1.The progression rate of premaxillary-maxillary suture closure from birth to 12 years of age is 3.72% per year.

2. All pediatric skulls up to 12 years of age had an open premaxillary-maxillary suture.

3. Adults may have an open premaxillary-maxillary suture.

4. The percentage of adults with an open premaillary-maxillary suture was 6.16%.

5.The prescence of a premaxillary-maxillary suture explains the success of anteroposterior expansion of the maxillary complex.

6. The existence of a premaxillary-maxillary suture supports the use of treatments for the growth of the middle third of the face to solve anatomical and functional problems.

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