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White Flag event in Arizona, 15 September, 2016.

Please take time to read this very important report. If you agree with the statements then please reply “Yes” to Barry Raphael   –

Thank you.

Report from Dr Barry Raphael

To all the participants of the Foundation for Airway Health Orthodontic White Flag event, I want to thank you and applaud you for taking part.  It was widely talked about for the rest of the weekend and the leaders of the event are calling it an historic event.

I will only call it historic if it is the beginning of something that will last and that’s what this letter is about.
16 leaders in Airway Orthodontics got together to talk about what they have to offer the world. More than exploring their uniqueness, however, we defined what we have in common.   Here is the list:
  • Malocclusion is a symptom of an imbalance elsewhere in the mouth, head, or body.  It is a consequence of the body seeking equilibrium and homeostasis in a system that is chronically stressed.
  • It is just as important to address the whole body attached to the teeth as it is to address the teeth attached to the body.
  • While orthodontics may not cause airway, joint or airway issues, it must take as much responsibility for these dysfunctions as it does for the symptom of malocclusion.  In other words, it can no longer ignore nor shed its responsibility for these issues.
  • The goal of orthodontics is to restore both the form AND function of the human face and body to its rightful genetic potential and competence.
  • Efficiency of tooth movement is not a suitable end goal unless it also addresses airway, joint and craniofacial dysfunctions.
  • While maxillary expansion is a good entry point for an orthodontist to start with, restoring the maxilla in all three planes of space, along with the functional support of the soft tissues is necessary to fully restore facial and airway development.
I think of this list as a starting point.  It has some redundancy.  It can be shortened.  It should be amended and addended. But there was at least 96% agreement on all of these points. My hope is that this commonality will serve as an underpinning for future collaboration.  But collaboration on what?
Well first of all, let’s get past the White Flag concept (where we came in surrender of our orthodontic egos to give everyone a chance to say their piece) and move on to the  Airway Orthodontic Brain Trust (where we trust that we all have the same ultimate goals in common, as above).  Our job will be to advance the science and practice of orthodontics to include the principles above.
Second, let’s expand our ranks.  There were many who should have been there that couldn’t be there.  There are many more I haven’t met yet.  Many are learning more and want to be a part. EVERYONE who believes in the basic understandings above can and should be a part of our effort, so jump aboard!
Here is what I’m asking you to do:
1) Sign The Pledge.  This pledge will be available online (at some point) and simply states that you believe that paying attention to airway in your diagnosis and treatment is a priority.  In return, you will be able to have your name and practice information displayed on a comprehensive registry for access by patients who want this type of service.
2) Annotated Bibliography.  Our first project is to develop a collection of evidence to answer the many questions that people want to have answered and need to know.  I’ll be contacting everyone that wants to be involved in this soon to get this project started. Kevin Boyd will be leading this project and organizing the database.
But all I ask from you for now is to tell me that you want to be involved.  Everyone that does orthodontics of any kind (orthodontics, orthognathics, orthotropics, orthopedics, pneumopedics, myofunctional….and on and on) AND considers the airway as a priority (and not necessarily the only priority) you are welcome to participate.  BTW, if you do pediatrics, prostho, OMT, manual therapies, etc, there are other groups in the Foundation for you. Just ask Howie for the lead person. Dr Howard Hindin <>
So, Brain Trust, are you with us? Just reply yes.
Looking Forward,
Barry Raphael, DMD | Coordinator of FAH Orthodontic Section

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Latest issue of Cranio UK journal.

Cranio UK is the journal of the British Society for the Study of Cranio-Mandibular Disorders (BSSCMD)

copy and paste the link to see this most interesting issue.

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