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Myobrace Introductory Course, 3 March, 2017, 1.00-6.00pm, the Thistle Hyde Park hotel, London.

This 30 minute presentation was an introduction into functional therapy.The aim was to stress the following points:

  1. Nearly all malocclusions have an under-developed upper jaw.
  2. Class II cases have a retrognathic upper and lower jaws.
  3. Children who mouth breathe are running on sub-standard fuel.
  4. 80% of facial growth is complete by the age of 8 so treating in the mixed dentition is the optimal timing.

Treatment aims are to correct bone and muscle imbalance, establish nasal breathing and then align the teeth.

The undergraduate dental programme covers anatomy & physiology in considerable detail.  However, as the course continues the focus is on the oral cavity and the technical side of dentistry. Being able to recognise early signs of imbalance ( mouth breathing, bones, muscle, growth etc.) enables treatment to be initiated before real problems arise. The Myobrace system is designed to address early imbalances with the aim of restoring optimal health in the growing child.

Niels van der Valk continued the session with an overview of the Myobrace system and demonstrated how to recognise incorrect features which may result in the development of malocclusion ie: incorrect swallowing patterns, mouth breathing and poor posture.

For more information refer to the starred links on the Blogroll. Also Airway and TMJ – YouTube.

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