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The London School of Osteopathy, London

22 March – I gave this presentation to final year students. “The Effect of Jaw Problems on the Rest of the Body”  was divided into two sections – “The Osteopathy/TMJ Connection” and “The Osteopathy/Orthodontic Connection”. Two 10 minute videos were shown to demonstrate how, in some cases, an oral appliance can reduce symptoms in movement disorder patients including Tourettes.

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The Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy, Stroud

9 March -40 postgraduate cranial osteopaths attended the presentation entitled “The Effect of Jaw Problems on the Rest of the Body.” As usual I divided it into two sections – “The Osteopathy/ TMJ Connection” and “The Osteopathy/ Orthodontic Connection”. Two short  video clips showed some of Dr Brendan Stack’s cases linking jaw position and  movement disorders, such as Tourettes. A table demonstration was set up for the short break.

The aim was to demonstrate that an integrated approach to treatment results in a better outcome for patients. Signs and symptoms relating to TMJ and malocclusion were discussed. It was stressed that early correction of these imbalances is simpler to treat and the result is more likely to be stable. I found this meeting to be most enjoyable, not only because of  the warm welcome and hospitality which I received but mainly due to the high level of cranial knowledge of those attending. There was plenty of interaction and the questions were well thought out. I understand that the group would like to participate in the next BSSCMD seminar and we look forward to welcoming their contribution.

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