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Campaign – Why are teeth crooked?

For decades crooked teeth have been accepted as just bad luck – a genetic inevitability that often requires extractions and fixed braces. This is seen almost as a rite of passage for teenagers. However, there is increasing awareness that such treatment can exacerbate obstructive sleep apnoea and TMJ disorders, leaving people with a lifetime of health problems.


Please read more on the website:

Anyone resident in the UK can sign the petition. Others can add their name to the supporters list.

I do hope that many of you reading this will want to get involved.

The petition has been running for 3 weeks and 4,543 have signed to date, 14 October 2018

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Airway & TMJ

This video can be found on youtube:

‎Dr. Konstantin Ronkin  “Airway & TMJ” It explains the connection between mouth breathing and the complications that can arise if this is not corrected.

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