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Prevent Crooked Teeth Campaign.

For decades crooked teeth have been accepted as just bad luck – a genetic inevitability that often requires extractions and fixed braces. This is seen almost as a rite of passage for teenagers. However, there is increasing awareness that such treatment can exacerbate obstructive sleep apnoea and TMJ disorders, leaving people with a lifetime of health problems.

The petition has 19,294 signatures to date, 21 December 2022

This is a global petition so anyone can sign.

I do hope that many of you reading this will want to get involved.

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Dr Derek Mahony’s Mixed Dentition Course

This course on early treatment will be available on zoom and will also be recorded.

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Interview with Dr Derek Mahony

This is an interview which I gave with Dr Derek Mahony, Specialist Orthodontist in Sydney, Australia and International lecturer, for one of his series of podcasts called “Ask an Orthodontist” on his Excellence in Orthodontics and Dental Orthopaedics ( “What I have learnt in 40 years in Orthodontics”. Professor John Mew and other practitioners are also included in this group of interviews about early intervention.

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Airway, Airway, Airway!

This article: “Airway, Airway, Airway! There are three things that matter in dentistry”

William M. Hang, DDS, MSD, owner of Face Focused Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics,

Agoura Hills, California, USA. was published in Inside Dentistry, April 2022, Volume 18, Issue 4

Dr Hang sets out clearly the direction that dentistry should now be taking and the role that dental practitioners can have in enhancing not just the dental health but also the general health of our patients.

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What Paediatric ENTs Need to Know

 “Guest Eyal Botzer, DDS on the Myo Coffee Klatsch PART 1 for the Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (AOMT)

Dr Eyal Botzer is the Director of Paediatric Dentistry at Tel Aviv Medical Centre. In this presentation he covers the subject of Tongue Ties and the medical implications of the failure to recognise the signs and symptoms. Part 2 to follow shortly.

Scroll down the Facebook page to find this excellent presentation.

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Asking the Right Questions in Airway Orthodontics-Journal of Orthodontic Practice US

The authors: Drs Barry Raphael, Marc. A. Cruz, Richard.D. Roblee and Ellen Crean-Binion discuss how Airway problems affect structure, function, and behaviour, and leads to unintended consequences.

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Joe Rogan interviews James Nestor

James Nestor, author of Breath – the New Science of a Lost Art, is interviewed by Joe Rogan

“Why Being a “Mouth-Breather” Is Bad For You”

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*Season Finale* How does speech pathology help kids sleep? With Nada Makki-Karnib. Kids Sleep Health with Dr Derek Mahony

This excellent podcast explains very clearly the importance of good sleep and correct breathing. Oral myology is increasingly being recognised as a frontline treatment for improving children’s health. Furthermore, early intervention can prevent the development of many serious conditions that can be difficult to address at a later stage. Thumb sucking is discussed and some interesting points are raised.

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A team from Brazil did this trial. The AJO-DDO published the paper.

Effect of treatment of transverse maxillary deficiency using rapid palatal expansion on oral health-related quality of life in children: A randomized controlled trial.

Matheus Pithon et al.  AJO-DDO in press.

Professor Kevin O’Brien recently reviewed this paper on his blog and his summing up was as follows:

“Now and then, a team of investigators publishes an excellent paper. This new report outlines a trial that provides us with clinically important information on the effects of RPE.

Finally, I think that this paper should be widely read and quoted. It should reinforce our practice.”

Donald J Timms, ENT, & Michael J Trenouth, Consultant Orthodontist at the Royal Preston Hospital, carried out similar research in the late 80s and 90s and came to the same conclusion. My only comment is that there are less invasive ways in which to carry out this development.

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International College of Dentistry

I am delighted and I feel very privileged to be a fellow of the International College of Dentistry. This is an amazing organisation that delivers humanitarian aid to so many areas around the world.

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