Orthodontic Terminology

Orthodontic terminology


Appliances                  Removable, Functional & Fixed

Cross-bite                   Posterior cross-bite  causes a lateral displacement

Crowding                     Usually caused by underdevelopment of the dental arches  

                                        May also be caused by early extraction of deciduous teeth

Delayed eruption         Teeth should erupt in pairs and within 6 months of each other

 Dental arches                Should be Roman not Gothic

 Dento-Facial Orthopaedics/Functional Orthodontics  Alignment of the bones & muscles as well as teeth

Displacement               Lower jaw displaces to one side on closure – centre lines are not coincident

Malocclusion               Teeth and/or jaws are misaligned

Occlusion                      The way the teeth bite together

   Class I                          Ideal – bones, muscles & teeth in balance

    Class II                      Lower jaw is set back – retrognathic

             Div  1                 Upper central incisors protrude

             Div  2                Upper central incisors are retroclined

   Class III                    Upper jaw is under developed – anterior cross-bite

 Overbite                     Vertical dimension – usually closed

Orthodontics             Tends to be tooth alignment only

 Open bite                    Often associated with a thumb or tongue habit

 Overjet                         Horizontal or AP dimension – col. “underbite”

 Retainers                     Removable or Fixed (usually only in the lower)         

 Spacing                        Upper midline diastema  – missing / extra teeth / thick fraenum

 Splint                            Usually fitted in the lower to position the jaw forward


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