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Whole Body Connection

An in depth comment by Dr Derek Mahony, Specialist Orthodontist, Sydney, New South Wales Australia, from an on-going correspondence.

  • I would avoid talking about bulging of the skull, better to refer to jamming of the cranial sutures which we know are expansion/contraction joints with a blood supply. There are over 300 published papers that show cranial suture movement and histologically the sutures are almost identical to periodontal fibres that allow micro movements of the teeth
  • The reciprocal relationship between the C spine and the lumbar spine is called the Lovett Brother relationship. When one is out the other is also out therefore very hard for a chiro to stabilise the lumbar spine in a patient with a C spine that is subluxated because of a forward head posture to open an airway
  • The meningeal or dural system connects the head to the pelvis. Within the skull you have the tentorum cerebelli and the falx cerebri that pass out through the foramen magnum attaching at C1, 2 and 3 before reattaching at the sacrum. Any tension in this system has the potential to cause pain.
  • Casey Gauzy proposed a theory called Quadrant Theorem in the 70’s whilst in Chicago. He clearly demonstrated that the physiological point of rotation of the mandible is C3 not the glenoid fossa of the TMJ. What this means in reality is that patients’ with a retruded mandible, either naturally or iatrogenically often have a displaced C3, usually a rotation which affects normal lordotic curvature of the neck and consequentially the rest of the spine must compensate. I have a really nice CT scan of a patient with retruded mandible post exo ortho, diminished airway and rotated C3 if you want it. (NB. also available by using my contact form).
  • Your cranial assessment is spot on. I would also talk about the sphenoid bone too. Explain the relationship of the maxilla to sphenoid in ortho terms (SNA and SNB). The sphenoid is the central bone of the skull, many chiros regard it as the “real” first vertebrae of the spine. It can be in a roll/pitch/yaw position and is often torqued by a retruded maxilla.
  • Mention the ALF appliance and how Darick Nordstrom developed it with his osteopath, Tasha Turzo to balance cranial strains prior to orthopaedic and orthodontic work.
  • Gerry Smith has a good DVD series about the ALF and a good book called the “Cranial sacral dental complex” available on his website.
  • Differentiate internal and external derangements of the TMJ. Muscle splinting to protect the joint causes a lot of craniofacial and neck pain.
  • In my clinical practice treating head, neck and spine disorders I found that the patients that didn’t respond to localised treatments of the spine within a few sessions all have cranial strains and malocclusions with or without extractions. Problems of the spine are almost always descending in nature, you must correct the head and occlusion for any chiropractic adjustment to hold long term.






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Prevent Crooked Teeth Campaign

For decades crooked teeth have been accepted as just bad luck – a genetic inevitability that often requires extractions and fixed braces. This is seen almost as a rite of passage for teenagers. However, there is increasing awareness that such treatment can exacerbate obstructive sleep apnoea and TMJ disorders, leaving people with a lifetime of health problems.

The petition has 15,419 signatures to date, 8 August 2020.

This is a global petition so anyone can sign.

I do hope that many of you reading this will want to get involved.

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