As I live and breathe

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As I live and breathe

Vogue magazine September 2019

This was the issue with guest editor, Meghan Markle, HRH the Duchess of Sussex. The main theme was “Strong Women” and pictured 15 examples on the front cover. Vogue also has features on Wellness & Beauty.

Kathleen Baird-Murray  entitles her article “ As I live and breathe” . It includes comments and advice by Augusto Vegas, a breathing expert and the co-founder of Survival Apnea.

In his own words:

“Breathing too much or too little, in any situation, will limit performance and have negative effects on health “.

Vegas points out that we are all prone to “over-breathing”- the term he gives to a reliance on our ribs and chest muscles instead of the diaphragm.

As a surfer, Vegas practised his breathing technique initially to improve his stamina and resilience in the water, but quickly realised how much it positively affected his daily life.

So the message about breathing is out there. What we need to do is to get the even more important message across to the general pubic that establishing nasal breathing in the young is paramount to their wellbeing.

You can read the whole article by following this link.

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