Can oral breathing be causing attention deficit and poor school performance?

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The attention deficit and poor school performance in school-age children can be associated with respiratory problems, primarily to the mouth breathing problems, was analyzed some works related to student performance and the buccal respiratory syndrome, concluding that low school performance can have a direct relationship with the mouth breathing, affecting mainly the lower social stratum.


Quiros, Oscar – Orthodontist

  • Professor of the Department of Orthodontics at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV). 
  • Chairman of Orthodontics (2006-2009).
  • Coordinator of the postgraduate Orthodontics school UCV (2006-2009) 
  • Coordinator of the diploma of Interceptive orthodontics in the Central University of Venezuela (UCV). and “Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho” (UGMA) University. Venezuela. 
  • Permanent guest teacher of the orthodontic graduate school of the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez. (UACJ). Mexico. 
  • International honorary member of the Mexican Association of Craniofacial orthopedics and Ortodontics.AC, of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. (UNAM). 
  • Main developer of the QR Biofunctional System, light forces brackets system.
  • Author of the book:”The Secrets of the Trainer and Myobrace Appliances and the Biofunctional System,”Spanish and English.)
  • Nominate Man of the year – 2007; The Governing Board of Editors of the American Biographical Institute. For achievements in the field of publishing and contribution to society. Raleigh. North Caroline. United States of America.

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The day that shook the world……… coming. Posting by Dr Barry Raphael. Myobrace Introductory Course, 3 March, 2017, 1.00-6.00pm, the Thistle Hyde Park hotel, London.

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